a Introduction "Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment"
SCIE Impact Factor 0.636
April 23, 2014, 7:59 pm
7th International Congress of
Chemistry and Environment
ICCE-2015 at
Hearty congratulations! Our SCI impact factor has increased thrice or twice for year 2012. Disaster Advances : 2.272; Research Journal of Chemistry and Environment : 0.636; Research Journal of BioTechnology :0.294. August 2013 issue is under preparation.        
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6th International Congress of Chemistry and Environment ICCE-2013 at Antwerp, Belgium

International Conference of Disaster Prevention Technology and Management (DPTM-2014)

ISM-2012 1st International Society Management Conference

ISBT-2013 2nd International Society BioTechnology Conference



As per rules of Australian and Newzealand Government.

We are publishing three more Journals :

"Research Journal of BioTechnology"

"Disaster Advances" and "Advances In Management"

We are establishing "Environmental Disaster Research Institute" soon.